Charges and Refund Policy

Policy Statement

As a Nationally Registered Training Organisation, Australian Training Centre is able to collect fees from students (or from their employers on their behalf) and must provide or direct the students (or employers) to information prior to enrolment, specifying:

  • The fees that must be paid to us;
  • Payment terms and conditions including deposits and refunds;
  • Learner’s rights as a consumer, including but not limited to any statutory cooling-off period (if one applies);
  • Learner’s right to obtain a refund for services not provided by the RTO in the event the:

          – arrangement is terminated early; or
          – we fail to provide the services.

Australian Training Centre shall not collect a pre-payment above the threshold amount of $1,500.00 from an individual student at any time prior to or during their course.


An application for enrolment must be accompanied by a deposit of $1,500.00 (unless Smart and Skilled funded arrangements apply, in which case a deposit of the student co-contribution amount of 1/3 of total co-contribution amount will be required with the enrolment application).

After an applicant’s initial skills pre-enrolment assessment interview has been conducted and the application for enrolment has been accepted, ATC will advise students of the options available for the remainder of any fees to be paid, as per the below:

  • Equal monthly instalments with the final instalment being received 3 months prior to the course completion date; or
  • Equal term payment paid prior to the commencement of each term with the final payment made on the commencement of the final term of study;

All fees are available by contacting us directly. Fees can be paid in the following methods:

  • Bank deposit;
  • Bank cheque;
  • Electronic bank transfer;
  • Credit card; or
  • Cash.

Cooling-Off Period

The decision to enrol in any training has to be the right decision for a student’s career aspirations and hopes for the future. To assist them in making the right decision, we allow seven (7) days cooling-off period immediately after the completion of their initial skills pre-enrolment assessment.

This period of time allows them to firm up their decision to enrol and commitment to complete the training.

At the end of their cooling off period, the student will receive a notification of enrolment and a reminder of their cancellation and fee obligations, as well as a summary of all remaining fees.


  • Cancellations made by a student prior to their course commencement must be made in writing by the student via email to and is deemed to take effect on receipt of the written notification.

  • Cancellations made by a student 30 or more days prior to their course commencement date will incur an administration fee of $750.00.

  • Cancellations made within 30 days of a student’s course commencement will incur a course administration fee of $1,500.00.

Withdrawing from a course

If a student leaves and/or abandons their course before the scheduled completion date
and time, no refund of fees paid up to that time will be given, unless the student’s
reason for such falls under genuine extenuating circumstances (e.g. medical),
accompanied by sufficient evidence of the said extenuating circumstances.

Fee Protection

Where Australian Training Centre is unable to provide services for which it has been paid, beyond the fault of the student, students will:

  • Be placed into an equivalent course such that the new location and timeframes are suitable to the student; and
  • Receive the full services for which they have prepaid at no additional cost;


  • Be paid a refund of any prepaid fees for services yet to be delivered.


Refunds will not be granted automatically and must be approved by the CEO in all circumstances.

We will provide refunds under the following circumstances:

a) If we cancel the course

In the event of us having to cancel a course, without offering any acceptable alternative, then students (or their employer according to which entity has paid the fees) shall be entitled to a full refund of monies paid and no further liability shall be incurred by us.

b) If the timeframe is under the seven (7) days cooling-off period

In the event that the student decides to withdraw their enrolment during their cooling-off period, then they shall be entitled to a full refund of monies paid for the course and no further liability shall be incurred by us.

c) If the student is under genuine extenuating circumstances

In the event that the student decides to withdraw from the course due to genuine extenuating circumstances (e.g. medical), then they shall be entitled to a full refund of monies and no further liability shall be incurred by us. Given that the student provides sufficient evidence of the said extenuating circumstances.

In cases of extreme financial hardship, an appeal can be made to our CEO for further consideration with no guarantee of outcome


Australian Training Centre is entitled to withhold issuing students with a qualification or statement of attainment until such times as all fees have been paid in full, and we shall exercise our rights under this section.

Replacement certificates

ATC’s charges for replacement certificates; a fee of $55 including GST.

Credit Transfer

There is no charge for credit transfers applied to be attributed towards a student’s qualification.

An administration charge may apply if a full qualification is to be awarded through Credit Transfer only.

In instances when an individual student is in advance of their payments related to a specific unit or cluster of units to be credit transferred; a full refund will apply (less an administration fee of $200) if Australian Training Centre was not notified of this arrangement prior to any program delivery.

Timeframes and Conditions

  • Refunds will only be paid to the person that enters into the contract with ATC unless ATC receives written direction to pay the refund to somebody else.
  • If approved, refunds will be paid within 28 days of the refund application being lodged.
  • Requests for refunds should be made in writing to the CEO at ATC.
  • Students and clients can refer to ATC’s Complaints and Appeals Procedure if they wish to appeal any refund arrangements.
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